MN 125- Dantabhoomi Sutta -2010-01-10
The Discourse on the ‘Tamed Stage’: The essential itinerary to undertake the journey of liberation.

2010-01-24 – Seka Sutta –

 2010-02-14  Sunday Sutta Class –Mara-Thajjaneeya Sutta –
5oth Sutta from Majjima Nikaya : 
The Rebuke to Māra

 MN 121- Chula Sunantta Sutta -2010-03-14 –
The 121st Sutta in Majjima Nikaya, explaining , The Perception of Earth, The Infinitude of Space, The Infinitude of Consciousness, Nothingness, Neither Perception nor Non-Perception, Theme-Less Concentration and Release.

2010-03-07 -Sunday Sutta Class  Bahu Wedaniya Sutta
The Blessed One has spoken of three feelings: a feeling of pleasure, a feeling of pain, a feeling of neither pleasure nor pain. These are the three feelings the Blessed One has spoken of.”

2010-04-11 – Sunday Sutta Class – Chula Vedalla Sutta
In the 44th Sutta of Middle length discourses The bhikkhuni Dhammadinnā answers a series of interesting questions asked by Visākha. Among other things, she gives the 20-fold definition of sakkāyadiṭṭhi.

2010-04-25 – Sunday Sutta Class – Maha Malukya Putta Sutta
64th Sutta from Middle Length Discourse (Majjima Nikaya) The explanation of Five lower fetters and the wisdom to eradicate them as taught by the blessed one.

2010-05-09 – Sunday Sutta Class – Deega Naka Sutta
(The 74th Sutta from the log Discourses Basket ( Digha Nikaya)
“…..Now, Aggivessana, this body — endowed with form, composed of the four primary elements, born from mother & father, nourished with rice & porridge, subject to inconstancy, rubbing, pressing, dissolution, and dispersion — should be envisioned as inconstant, stressful, a disease, a cancer, an arrow, painful, an affliction, alien, a disintegration, an emptiness, not-self. In one who envisions the body as inconstant, stressful, a disease, a cancer, an arrow, painful, an affliction, alien, a disintegration, an emptiness, not-self, any desire for the body, attraction to the body, following after the body is abandoned…..”

Maha Vedalla Sutta Part 1 -2011-05-29

Maha Vedalla Sutta Part 2 -2011-05-29

Kitagiri Sutta – 2011-01-30 – Part 1
Kitagiri Sutta – 2011-01-30 – Part 2
Gulissani Sutta -2011-02-27
Dweda Vitakka Sutta 2011-01-09-Ajahn Appichato

Ariya Pariyesana Sutta – Talk1- 2010-11-14-Ajahn BrahmaliAjahn Brahmali gives a sutta class on the first part of MN 26 Ariyapariyesana Sutta – The Noble Search (up to paragraph 18 in the section on Enlightenment).

Ariya Pariyesana Sutta 2 -2010-11-28 Ajahn Brahmali
Ajahn brings out the searching in Buddha’s own life story before enlightenment,

Chula Kamma Vibhanga Sutta -2010-07-11- Ajahn Appichato discusses MN135

Apannaka Sutta- 2010-06-27

Vattupama Sutta -2010-06-13 by Ven Bhahmali

Chula Saropama Sutta-2010-05-23

Dighanaka Sutta 2010-05-09

Maha Manukya Sutta – 2010-04-25

Chula Vedalla Sutta- 2010-04-11

Kalama Sutta – Ven Dhiraamso -2010-03-28

Chula Sunnata Sutta 2010-03-14

Bahu Vedaniya Sutta -2010-03-07