Retreat Talks 2010 Nov

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Talks from the 2010 Retreat at Jhana Grove center in Perth

01- Be Kind To Yourself Welcome talk on Thursday

02-Meditation Guidance Talk on Friday

03-Question Answered on Friday

04-Meditation from Stillness

05- Question Answered on Saturday

06- Five Hindrances Sunday Talk

07- Questions Answered on Sunday

08- Seven Factors of Enlightenment Monday Talk

09- Questions Answered on Monday

10-How To Let Go

11-Questions Answered on Tuesday

12- Focusing Happens Naturally

13-Questions Answered on Wednesday

14-Insight Through Stillness

15-Questions Answered on Thursday

16-Overcoming Delusion

17-Friday Q & A

18-How To Get Enlightened

19-Metta and Final Blessing

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