2015-12-31_ New Years Dawn : The brief talk given on the dawn of the new year and the passing away of the year 2015. looking back at our shortcomings and not repenting but smiling at what we were able to achieve.

2016-01-01- The Wisdom borne of Silence : The first talk of the new year given on the first day of the year. Ajahn Brahm invite you to be silent in all aspects. Stopping the ever chattering mind and looking in to your inner peace to find the happiness we all seek.


2016-01-08- The Pure Land : Ajahn Brahm explain the concept of Pure Land in reality in accordance with the teachings of the blessed one. It is not a mind made place where you get what you desire. The suffering of the life and our reactions to them . We complain about this life, this world and desire a Pure Land. How we can create this very world a “Pure Land”

2016-01-15- Intellectual Materialism : The possessions you own Your wealth your position all creates this “SELF” of importance. We broadly say the material possessions are the feeling that it bring about is not conducive to the liberation. But have you noticed that many of us do have a measure to mark us as SPIRITUAL people and we not not like the other run of the mill folks. Brahm invite you to explore for yourself this aspect of our mind.

2016-01-22- “Ex”-pectations and “In”-sight (Outward things, the worldly things that are outside, and Inside things you should try to look at) This was a talk given last year by Ajahn Brahm at the Buddhist Society of Victoria, Melbourne.

2016-02-19-Dealing With Tiredness: Brahm offers you very good practical advice in getting on top of the all very common problem of tiredness you feel in your social and professional lives. To help you overcome tiredness and Common Fatigue Syndrome, try following his advice.

 2016-02-05- Is Buddhism A Religion? Ajahn Brahms dwell in to the common question most people ask about Buddhism. The openness and the freedom to challenge the belief systems that the society blindly following , and how one can think for yourself without bonding on to any dogma,

Dealing With Emotions

2016-03-04: How To Be At Ease With Sickness and Death Part 1: This talk given few years back in Indonesia provide you with wisdom to overcome your fears of Sickness and Death. The talk was two hour long and is given here in two segments. This is the first part of the talk
2016-03-04: How To Be At Ease With Sickness and Death- Part 2 : . This is the Second part of the talk. Date given is not the date the talk was given, but the date uploaded to this archive.

 2016-03-10-The Heart of Happiness : Everybody want it. Everybody chase it. But very few get it. Yes its the illusive “HAPPINESS” Brahms Talk in Singapore about the Pursuit of Happiness and  where and how  you can get it with ease. 

 2016-03-10-Q&A After the Talk :

2016-03-11: Contentment: Ajahn Brahm reminds you of the merits of being content with what you have what you are and what you feel. Contentment does not mean that losing your aspirations and lead a dull life. Listen to this great talk and learn the wisdom of being content.

2016-03-18: Dangers of Meditation: Ajahn Brahm respond to a request to quell the worries some have about Meditation. He explains that the instructions to be followed with diligence and with a clear goal set by the practitioner.

2016-03-25: My Self, Nonself and Jhana : Ajahn Brahm’s talk given in Sabah Malaysia in November 2011 . A simple introduction to what to look for in the practice of the Blessed one’s path and the way to strive for it. Inserted here because Brahm was not in Perth today

2016-04-08: Bringing Up Hope : The basic ingradient in life is Hope. We live with a hope each day for something good. Without Hope the life will be so unbearable, Ajahn Brahm guide you to having a positive mind and getting away from the negativity to make your tomorrow and today better.

2016-04-15: Expectations : Back from Indonesia Ajahn Brahm take apart the common mans opinion that the Expectation drives you to happiness. Ajahn explains how Expectations can ruin your peace on earth., how you can be happy living with less or no expectations.

2016-04-22: Choice : We live in a Free World. When its a free world you have a choice. You can do what you like? You can select what you like. There is a Choice. But Brahm again smashes up that belief you have and show you that really you have no choice.

2016-04-29: Peace : Brahm define PEACE, explore the obstacles in finding peace, Create Peace in our society, The ways to arrive at peace, and how to enjoy the Peace.

English Premere- Chanting

2016-05-06 : Does Chanting Work?
“Leicester City’s ‘good karma’: the Buddhist monks behind the Foxes’ divine play” The London Telegraph reported the unexpected win by a Football team after they were blessed by Buddhist monks chanting. Brahm expounds the aspect of chanting in Buddhism as practiced in many Asian countries.

2016-05-13: Serving Others and Giving Back : Another Talk on the theme “Meaning of Life”.Brahm talk to you about the joy of helping others and doing good for everybody instead of zooming on your own and your family’s welfare.

2016-05-16- Smiling Through the Adversities in Life :  The Public Talk given in Collingwood Town Hall, 140 Hoddle Street, Abbotsford, Melbourne;
 In life, it’s inevitable we experience setbacks and adversities. While striving for a successful career, you might not attain the promotion or job you aspire for. Or harmony within your family might be disrupted due to personal conflicts or life circumstances. Or perhaps you might receive news of a terminal health illness happening to you or a loved one. The possibilities are endless. During these instances, we tend to receive general comments from well-meaning friends such as “Just be positive” or “You are strong enough to handle it”. Yet these remarks rarely help us especially if we feel overwhelmed. So how do we smile through adversity?
In this talk, Ajahn Brahm will be sharing how to handle adversity using Buddhist wisdom. This will empower you with the right perspective to handle life’s rocky moments – when they happen to you. Listen and find out….

  2016-05-16- Questions Answered After the Talk -Smiling Through the Adversities in Life 

2016-05-17- Death, Dying and End of Life Issues :  The Talk given at Buddhist Society of Victoria, Darling Road, Malvern, Melbourne; 2016-05-17
Death is inevitable. Rather than fear or ignore our impending demise, it is critical that we plan the inevitable well ahead of time. This gives us focus and urgency, leading to a good life. And eventually a good death.In this talk Brahm shares how to handle dying with Buddhist wisdom. This will empower you with the right perspective to handle end of life matters – when they happen to you and loved ones.

2016-05-17– Questions and Answers Session After the Talk on Death 2016-05-17 :  

2016-05-20: Making the Correct Decision: we are always required to make decisions to do this or else. should I or shouldn’t ?  Yes life is all about making decisions. Ajahn shows you how you can go with your intuition, gut feeling and never be wrong, by developing your inner feeling…….

2016-05-27: Inter Connect-edness: The world has shrunk smaller? we are more connected with the others by Newspaper, TV, Phone, E mail, Facebook etc etc…These connections  causes attachments?  Why do we need to be connected?  Is it beneficial or harmful?  In reality its better not to be connected. Being by yourself is much happier……

2016-06-03: Avoiding Conflicts: The art of listening pave way to understanding others as well as understanding yourself. It is the golden key to avoid conflicts. Then, Sort out your priorities,  Is it worth to spoil your life just to make a  point?………….. …..

2016-06-17: Antidote for Hatred: The news on TV and Radio now never misses  a massacre, killing and some other act of violence. What has happened to the human nature.  Why are people resort to such acts? Its the Hatred.  Ajahn Brahm analises this phenomena and suggest ways of overcoming the differences by understanding.  

2016-07-08-Courage.- Ajahn Brahm talk about  the Courage to make mistakes, courage to do things that the others do not dare. How one can learn from treading on the path without following somebody, finding your own happiness and peace of mind. You may wish to read Brahms Writing on “You can Make Mistakes” by clicking here.  

2016-07-15- Empathy.- The world is full of bad people and there are some good ones too. If we fill our minds with the bad deeds of the world we can not be peaceful. Brahm explores the ways to keep calm and unaffected by the turmoils of everyday life.  

2016-09-16:- Silent Mind:

A talk given by Ajahn Brahm on the practice and benefits of calming the mind.
Given in November 2014 at Buddhist Maha Vihara, Malaysia.Added new here.

 2016-10-25-Living Happy Dying Happy: Ajahn Brahm is in London UK, to foster the ANUKAMPA BHIKKUNI PROJECT, to establish the order of Bhikkunis in the UK and setting up the infrastructure needed. He was kind enough to give this talk at the London Maha Vihara on 25th October 2016. Ajahn Brahm discusses the universal experiences of sickness, ageing and death and how to cope with them, from a Buddhist perspective.

2016-10-26_A talk given by Ajahn  Brahm at Lady Mitchell Hall, University of Cambridge on 26th of October 2016. The event was organized by the Cambridge University Buddhist Society in collaboration with Anukampa Bikkhuni Project.


 2016-11-04_How to be in the Present Moment:  The remedy for all our woes is the peace of mind. The path to peace and happiness is living in the present moment. This is a talk given last year. 

 2016-11-11-Friendship and Community   : The talk given at Thames Buddhist Center London on 27th October 2016. Brahm talk about living in a community with friendship to everybody. This track is long and contains a QA session at the end. Sorry for poor Audio quality.

 2016-11-18-How To Deal with Blame   : We always get blamed for things we are not guilty of. Use that as foundation to make your self higher than where you were. All these blame may take you out of the hole you are in now. Like the donkey in the well. Do not blame others, just think that the times you were not blamed for the stuff you should have been blamed for. Ajahn Brahm talk about facing blame.

 2016-11-25-“Fear”of The Unknown   : How Fear destroys your peace of mind, how absurd our fears are? all these are explained with a sprinkle of jokes by Brahm last Friday.

 2016-12-02- Developing Your Heart.  :

 2016-12-09- A Buddhist Guide To Making Difficult Ethical Decisions.
Our lives are a series of decisions makings. Each step each decision leading you to another stage. We  are born to make decisions to survive. Sometimes we get to make decisions and we pause because our subconscious mind ring warning bells. Is it ethically right or wrong. Brahm explains that the decision has to come from your heart not from a teacher or a book or a temple. :

 2016-12-24- Monks Don’t Run
Back from Indonesia Brahm talk about the Buddhist monk’s duties as members of a community. How the monks share the sorrows and joys of lay supporters.

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