DL2015-01-02 – SPACE – THE  FINAL FRONTIER  :  Ajahn Brahm invite you to boldly go  where no man has gone before (Star Trek). The Space which has no beginning or end but abundant everywhere. Brahm give scientific and philosophical interpretation to space around us and push you to the boundaries of our beliefs to explore and investigate our mind.

Who to follow from Dhamma Distributor on Vimeo.

DL2015-01-09 – WHY ARE WE HERE  :  Ajahn Brahm observe how the human race imitate everybody else and go on circle persueing happiness by searching for the pleasures to satisfy our five faculties and not looking beyond the horizon of ignorance leads us again again in to this never ending suffering in the existence.

DL2015-01-30 – DEALING WITH REJECTION  :   If you are not accepted as who you are and rejected from any circle where you wish to be included in it pulls you down. Rejection leads to depression and anxiety and even suicide. Brahm  tell you how to deal with this issue. 

DL2015-02-06 – SUICIDE CAN BE STOPPED  :   Many hear of suicides more often nowadays. Brahm explains that this tendency of  quitting life is due to fe basic misconceptions we cling on to. Brahm give you the insight to strengthen your mind to analise and make your plans to fight back, not to quit. 

DL2015-02-13 – FATE DESTINY AND FREE WILL   :   Leaving your life on the belief that everything happens as you are destined or due to your Kamma is not the way to face the challenges of this life. Brahm explains the way to overcome all such inhibitions but act with wisdom and fortitude to live a happy life.

From ABS Temple, West Sacramento, California 2015 Feb 19

DL2015-02-24 – Make This world A Happier Place   :   Brahms Talk based on Questions on tips to make your world a happier place for you to live in.  How your acts of kindness, generosity and Acceptance get immediately reflected on to your well-being and happiness.

DL2015-02-24 – The Myths in Meditation Practice   :   On this talk given at the Spirit Rock Meditation Center  California Ajahn Brahm reveals some of the grave mistakes that meditation teachers pass on to the practitioners unintentionally, thus making the practice futile.  Concentration Meditation, Walking meditation and many more topics. 

DL2015-02-24 – Questions Answered at Spirit Rock   :   Ajahn answers some questions from the  Spirit Rock Meditation Center  meditation practitioners. 

 DL2015-02-27 – DISCRIMINATION   :   Back from Frisco Brahm talks about the grave issue of Discrimination  that is  frevelent in all levels in society and how to deal with it. 

DL2015-04-24 – Buddhism and Alien Abductions   :   Why we laugh and redicule anybody who talk or tell you something which is beyond your power of understanding, or beyond your vision scope. Brahm talks not about such phenomena as X files, Green People etck but our perception and reaction to such.. 

DL2015-05-01 – Dealing with Disasters   :   The most recent disaster to hit humanity being the Earthquake in Nepal Brahm talks about ways to deal with such disasters. Rather than lamenting over it or trying to pin reasons for such events how people should get together to help each other and let it pass. 

2015-05-22-Child sex abuse in religious institutions: This talk I missed last year is uploaded today as Ajahn Brahm was not doing the BSWA Talk today. With the release of new movie “Spot Light” in theaters this talk may be illuminating insight.
Now lets listen to Ajahn Brahm talking on the same subject.

DL2015-05-29 – Monogomy   :   The relationships  that people get in to in a marriage or a partnership meets with numerous challenges. Brahm delivers this talk with plenty of advise and insight in to sailing rough seas of relationships. This talk was loaded on September 14 but was originally delivered on May 29th at BSWA. 

DL2015-06-05 – Finding Fault or Finding Beauty?   :   There are tons and tons of faults with our world, our country, our society, our friends, our family. But along with that there are even a few things to admire about to be happy about. When you train yourself to see the beauty rather than the faults your life will be happier and lighter. 

DL2015-06-19 – Overcoming Addictions   :   Ajahn  guide you out of addictions that create difficulties to you and your loved ones by taking you step at a time making you understand what causes it and shows you how to overcome it. 

DL2015-06-26 – Relax! Everything’s Out of Control   :   The trouble with ourselves is that we want to control everything around us. This futile wish results in endless suffering and discomfort to us. Ajahn  go deeper in to this and reveals the secrets of happiness and how to relax.

DL2015-07-17 – Who We Think we Are   :   Our ego is a creation solely done by ourselves.  I am… a PERSON with such and such qualities, I am this and that has created this image of a self. Ajahn  help you to discover by yourself who you really are. 

 DL2015-10-30 – Problems and Solutions   :   After a period of three months Ajahn Brahmawamso delivers his first talk at BSWA, after the Rain Retreat, on the very relevent topic of how we should tackle our problems in daily life. 

DL2015-11-06 – Do Not Feel Guilty
Ajahn Brahmawamso explains that feeling guilty about something you have done is not productive and helps you find ways to overcome that negativity and make use of that experience to better your life. As humans we make mistakes. You Can make mistakes.
(this link will direct you to an essay on the subject based on another talk by Ajahn Brahm) 

DL2015-11-20 – Terrorism and Peace
Ajahn talk about the problem that the civilised world face today at every corner of this world and how best we can face it.

2015-11-23- Sandaka Sutta:   Ajahn Brahm’s exposition of Sutta that defines the purpose of a Monk’s life. The Four great views held by the contemporary spiritual leaders are analised,  explained and negated why one who seek liberation should not accept them.  

2015-11-27- Buddhist Cosmology:   Ajahn Brahmali gave the Talk on Friday night about what the blessed one has told of the origin and the end of our Cosmos. Based on several Suttasa Ven Brahmali give an scientific comparison on Big Bang Theory of Expanding Universe and the Collapsing Theory of Black  Holes.  

2015-12-04- Suffering :   Ajahn Brahm talk about the atrocities the world and the misfortunes life throws at you and tell you to take Everything at your stride, and teach you to enjoy your life and the world around you, by just being yourself and making the suffering a tolerable adventure, rather than complaining about it.  

2015-12-11- Buddhist View on Global Issues :    Many people ask you what is the Buddhist perspective of some issue that is bothering the world at times. Is there a “Buddhist View” of things in general. Brahm goes on to say it is not a view constrained by a dogma or a rule but find the cause and explore the problem to seek a solution by contemplative thought based on non violence, compassion and the goodness of heart. 

2015-12-18- Peace in Christmas Season :    This is the holiday season and people think and plan to spend the  time for visiting far away places, globe trotting . Brahm ib his immense wisdom advice you to be peaceful and go in to your inner space to enjoy the peace and tranquility you deserve.  

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