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DL2014-01-03- Being with Yourself  :  The importance of understanding the troubles of our not being happy is a matter of the conception. The wish to effect changes, wish for changes make our current status a suffering. In the first talk of 2014 Ajahn elucidate the way to be happy in any circumstance.

DL2014-01-04- Meditation Session- KINDFULNESS : Brahm start off the first meditation session with sprinkling the essential ingredient of Kindness on to Mindfulness and using this Kindfulness for taking you away from the past and future.

DL2014-01-10- Climate ChangeBuddhist Perspective : Ajahn Brahm looks at the hot issue of Climate Change, Political and economic dimensions from the Angle of Buddhist Doctrine and Buddha’s teachings.

TIME-Feb2014-01-31-  Mindfulness -in depth  : The last issue of Time magazine brings Mindfulness to a global market. Brahm take this as a sign that the 2500 old philosophy has the power to solve most of modern problems. Brahm  explains the technique that brings in the inner joy and tranquility that finally bring you closer to the bliss of liberation. A  small step in the right direction taken regularly can take you closer to the happiness you yearn  little by little. Perseverance, willingness, commitment and the wisdom  will set you free.

DL2014-02-08- (Uploaded Date) Happiness Here and Now  – A Talk given in Singapore : If your human life is an automobile it runs on a fuel called “Happiness” . Some of the brands are quite expensive. But the wise men know what are the economical brands. Brahm gives out the secrets of finding the Hppiness we all so long for. This talk was given in Singapore in 2012 and is reproduced here as this friday Brahm was away. .

DL2014-02-14- (Valentine Day Talk)  We just celebrated another Valentines Day. What is all about.Love in the Light of Dhamma  : On Valentine day Ajahn Brahm talked  of  Love . How to really love another being. Where to start, What to do, what not to do.  A very thought provoking talk.

DL2014-02-22-The First Noble Truth  : The teaching of the blessed one is centered on the four Noble Truths the first of which is ” Suffering / discontentment” (Unhappiness?) The blessed one opened the mind of the men wise enough to see the nature of this existence.  Rather than getting depressed about this title of the teaching one should look for the attainment of Peace and End of suffering to be happy. Brahm taught the way to look at suffering on this talk, some where in Singapore.

DL2014-02-28-The Prisons of  Your Mind  : What is a Prison? It is a place where you you don’t want to be in. Any situation, condition that “you don’t like to  be in” is a prison. Now can you see it is not the “place” but your mind, that creates the prison. Back from  Singapore Ajahn Brahm make you escape from all prisons, for life .

DL2014-03-07-Phobias : Some of us have elevated levels of fear on certain situations, things. Brahm tries to give  logical explanation of how these fears started and the way to deal with them..

DL2014-03-23-Avoiding Conflicts  : The never ending desire to be “Perfect” and create a society and a world that is perfect causes the Conflicts in this world. If one can “understand” and not try and toil to make Perfection we all can live in harmony. Please note this is an old talk 22nd October 200X and the date given is the uploaded date

DL2014-03-28- Making Merit  : What we do in our daily life is two fold. Merit making and de merit making. Brahm explains to make good all your actions.

DL2014-04-04- Unresolved Issues  : We are searching still for MH 370 missing for over a month now. We worry about those who we lost. The life is just a long list of uncertainties. But thyere are occasional glimpses of hope and well beings. Brahm advice to look at both situations in a balance  way

DL2014-04-11-The Art of Listening  : The world is full of sounds of both varieties. The sounds you like and enjoy and those you detest. Ajahn Brahm teach you how to enjoy both varieties. Dont let the sounds disturb your peace, by THINKING it does, because its only YOU who disturb the sound.

anzacDL2014-04-25-Buddhist Attitude to War and Remembrance  : The wars were fought and are being fought world over for multitude of reasons. Millions lose limb and life. The remembrance day is not for celebrating a war but to remember and pay our gratitude to those who went to battle field with selfless sacrifice of their families and their being for the rest of us. Lets remember those who died for our freedom, our existance. 

DL2014-05-02-Generosity and Kindness  :  At times you feel that all your kindness and generosity is wasted. Your efforts are ignored or looked down. Is it worth continuing this goodness or be a a part of the selfish world? Brahm explains the returns you get by being kind and generous. Give a Little kindness, It always help.

2014-05-09– There was No talk at BSWA as Ven Brahm was in Vietnam attending Conference on Wesak Celebration and UN Millenium Goals. Brahm had prsented a paper on Gender Equity but his paper was banned at the last minuite. You can read the BANNED PAPER HERE.

 DL2014-05-16- Speaking with No Fear  :  After the disappointing rebuttal by the UN committee stopping Brahms talk in the 2014 Wesak conference , Brahm teaches you how to turn your misfortunes in life to your benefit. Like making use of  the  truckful of smelly dung  to fertilse your garden, looking for the silver lining in the dark clouds of life Lets forgive and forget the harm others try to inflict on us, look at all the benefit you got because of that and be thankful to  them.

DL2014-05-30- Buddhist Response To  Disasters Around You  :  Ajahn Brahm just back from  a teaching tour in Korea, where the country suffered the loss of hundreds of children in a ferry disaster, teaches how to respond to such disasters that shake up you..

DL2014-06-06- Is religion no better than Prozac   :  Is religion just about the feel-good factor, helping us to feel better about business (suffering) as usual? Or does Buddhism do far more than just making people feel at ease with business-as-usual, and lead to authentic inner transformation?. Be like a lotus flower. Let the urine or Channel 5 poured over you just flow away leaving no odor or fragrance. Let the world go its merry way. Dont get agitated . Dont react to the world.

DL2014-06-13- Inspired Mind   :  Ajahn is in Sri Lanka this week,  and there was no talk in BSWA this weekend by him . This talk was picked from a collection of recorded talks from the past. Deals with the perception of your mind and what we should do to develop the happiness in life.

DL2014-06-20- Living in a World of Differences   :  Back from a tour in Sri Lanka  Ajahn Brahm talk about living in a world of differences, how one should react or not react to the events that take place around us. To be a rock or an island. A somewhat difficult talk to follow but by listening in few times you will see the wisdom of  this fantastic talk.

DL2014-06-27- Teenagers and Spirituality   :  The talk this week focusses on the tendencies of kids in relationship to their spiritual path. I refrain to comment on the content.  

DL2014-07-04- Relive all Chronic Pains   :  Many people suffer with Chronic physical pains and ask “Is it true that the Buddhist meditation can cure these Physical Pains ? “ . Ajahn Brahm’s talk contains almost all methods and the principles that how they work and help you to live with and without suffering from pain both physially and mentally. Very useful talk. (This talk is the last talk before three months Rain Retreat by monks) 

 2014-10-03- The Prleasent Moment  : The art of meditation is to live in the present moment. to live is also not very correct. It should be  “to be in” This involves basically to be in the Present moment discarding the environment, the world and YOURSELF. Some say its the Pleasent Moment and they are not wrong.

DL2014-10-10- Making Mistakes   :  After the three months rain Retreat Brahm gave his first talk on making mistakes.  Should we be feeling guilty for making mistakes or look beyond today and at the big picture to learn from the mistakes  and correct the future?

DL2014-10-31- Stigmatised Lives   :  Fresh off a flight from California, Ajahn Brahm discusses the attitudes that lead to discrimination and their impact on people. Ajahn contemplates deeply on why people discriminate and why it’s so wrong. Ajahn looks at what can be done to overcome discrimination such as learning to cooperate rather than compete and he encourages us to not discriminate against anybody e.g. gender, race, religion, mental and physical disabilities, vegetarians, sexual orientation, criminals and so on.

DL2014-11-14- Holly Water   :  Brahm talks about the ……………
I don’t know how to describe it. but its about many things and nothings

DL2014-11-28 – Living with Rules   :  Freedom is good. Everybody believe that. But Ajahn Brahm go deeper in to the subject and show you the merits and advantages of restraining our desires and controlling five faculties for a peaceful life free of worries.

DL2014-12-05 – Don’t Be Offended   :  We often get offended by things others say or do in our presence. Brahm shows you the fuitility of getting upset and creating a mindset harming your peace of mind due to somebody else’s action or words.  Ajahn opens your eye of wisdom to A.F.L.L. rules to keep your cool.

DL2014-12-19 Rising above Confusions   :  Brahm leads you through the bushes, forests of confusions to see from the top of the Pyramid . Look at the horizon of clearness and be still. Be lazy and watch the trees grow. 

DL2014-12-31 – Wisdom in the Age of Information :   Talk given in Singapore
As we herald in the new year 2015, many minds beg the grand question of how to live – and more importantly – how to live well in the brand new year.Some would define achievements at work, in school, financial and investment gains, having a name, fame, recognition as signs of success, prosperity – defining one as coming of age, and having arrived. And that to some this defines their LIFE. THEIR SUCCESS. THEIR HAPPINESS.
Really? Is this living well? The “Information Age” we now live in seems to have ushered in this hectic, new pace of working that’s driving us all a bit crazy. And it feels unsustainable. How do you think we ended up here?
Brahm Answered questions from the Singapore Audience after the  Talk above. 

DL2014-12-31 – Questions Answered   :   Brahm Answered questions from the Singapore Audience after the  Talk above. 



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