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2013-01-18 The Way To Ultimate Truth: What happens to you is the way of life and the way of this world. You do not have any control of those. But the way you deal with it is up to you. You can make your problem a solution or you can make a tear a smile. This is Dhamma. Look deep. Listen carefully.  

DL2013-02-01 Be Hopey : In this world of worries anxieties worries, it is good to know a bit or a lot about ways of living with hope and be happy. Lets learn from the master; how to be Hopeful + (Avoid Worry = Happy )= Hopey  

2013-02-15  DLBullying: How to face the abusive behavior of the society : Is there a solution?  Brahm find the cause as Hierarchy; Let us listen to Brahms thinking.  

DL  2013-2-22  Brahm’s LullabyThere are those who take the stand that Buddhism is only for getting out of this existence of suffering. But there is so much wisdom in this teaching to alleviate the suffering within the life and help you in your daily existence it is not bad if you were to learn tricks and tweaks to have a less traumatic day. This is brahms lullaby to get you a Good night’s sleep.

DL  2013-03-08 Kindfulness : Brahm identifies the foundation ingredients that go in to making you a kind person, the happiness you earn by being kind.

DL2013-03-22  Right Speech:  Back from a Teaching tour in Indonesia Brahm discusses the all important subject of speaking with others and guide those of us who can not afford to keep the noble silence how we can avoid hurting others and you in developing the skills of using the tongue.

DL2013-04-05  Bodhisathva:  Brahm explains the concept and all this ideological debate about bodhisatva , waiting on line to become enlightened, and invite you to inquire in to the wisdom of waiting or trying your best to get it done.

20DL13-04-13  Right View:  What is Right is defined according to the religion one follow, according to the belief one hold. But is it right to get stuck to such views if they are only conducive to destruction and harm? Touching on the gross action of Buddhist and Buddhist monks in Myanmar and Sri Lanka last month in attacks against Moslems  

2013-05-03  I Don’t Own My Past:  The things we repent about the happenings in the past aDLnd the habit of bringing back the smelly chicken shit instead of collecting eggs of the past to torment us causes most of our anguish in the present.  Let us let go of the past in a constructive manner 

DL 2013-05-10  Pursuit of Happiness:  The silly human nature of looking for bad things, looking for problems, looking for imperfections while the world is full of things that we can be happy with, there are lots of people who can help you get on with your problems.  


2013-05-17  O’ What a Relief :  If we want to help somebody do we give provide what WE THINK they need or do we think what THEY NEED? The Basic decision making to encourage compassion the way it should be executed.



2013-05-19_ POWER OF SILENCE – A Talk from BSV Melbourne on 2013 May 19 , Ajahn Brahm offers a teaching on the spiritual power of silence, and how the experience of silence has the power to heal all and many of our problems and conflicts.


2013-05-24  The Essence of Wesak :  Is there any reason to doubt about the wondrous events on the Wesak day? Why we do believe on uneventful world and how one is blinded by one’s beliefs .Wesak Day talk by Ajahn Brahm.

DL2013-05-31  On The Other Side Of Anger :  Yet  another talk on the much talked about subject to remind ourselves the ways to avoid getting in to a state of mind that spoils your life, peace of mind and even those  close to you. Brahm tries to give you the wisdom to “not to get Angry” as  (WATCH in ABC TV) Bill Gates said in his recent Q&A show on ABC “Anger is counter productive”


2013-06-07  Hypocrisy  :  Please do not pretend to be somebody you are not. Just be yourself. try to “become” a better person, but do not pretend to be someone you are not.

DL 2013-06-21 Giving is Winning   :  Generosity can not be forced on or cultivated. But if you can understand what you  gain by giving you will start to win the world and win all the happiness in the world.

DL 2013-06-28 Forgiveness and Reconciliation   :  The reason for our discontent frustration unhappiness is our expectations of the world. We expect others to be somebodies we like them to be . If they do not live up to it we get angry, unhappy. If we can lower our expectations we can be forgiving for many of the weaknesses of others and ours. Lets Lower our expectations and lets forgive the world for what it is.

DL2013-07-05 Living To Die :  The death is nothing to be scared about worried about. It’s just the transition from here to there. Brahm teaches you not to lament over the ending of a concert but to enjoy it while it was on stage and to be happy that you had the opportunity to enjoy it while it lasted.



2013-07-10 Buddhist perspective of JUSTICEThe Talk at the ESCAP centre of UN : BraDLhms talks about the concept of buddhist principles on social justice and personal responsibilities, feelings and conflicts that a complex world has to cope with.

2013-07-10- Question Answer session after the Talk at the UN centre.


2013-07-19 Violence and  Religion  :  The Buddhist monks go on rampage in Burma, Extremists bomb shrines in Budhgaya; Brahm talks on the stand the Buddhists should take and the correct way to withstand and face intolerance .

When Bad Things Happen To Good People:   uploaded 2013-09-20- DL Sometimes terrible things happen to us. You start wondering “Why me?” I have been keeping precepts and doing good all the time. It is Not fair.  Ajahn Brahm explains the concept of Karma and how it manifest. Talk recorded at Mahindarama Temple in Penang,  

DL Questions Answered after the Talk Recorded at Mahindarama Temple in Penang,   



Nibbana   :  THIS TALK IS IN DEEP DHAMMA CATEGORY  Brahm explains the state of mind that the practitioner tries to experience for the liberation. The development of various faculties by methods prescribed by the blessed one 2500 years ago to arrive at the final destination is a practical possibility and not a utopia. This talk was given at a meditation retreat held somewhere in the past.

DL 2013-10-25- Wrinklies Rock :    Ven Ajahn Brahm was back behind the mike on BSWA last 25th October after a three months long Rain Retreat.  Brahm look in to the frequently mentioned topic of looking after elderly.  The beauty of helping some one who need help, the need to be dependent on others. Ajahn take you on a trip to explore the accepted duty of children towards their parents with wit, wisdom and humour.

DL Meditation For Busy People:   – Brahm reports to you few real life stories that could be considered miraculous in the virtues of keeping precepts and goes on to explain the merits and the perks in doing regular meditation. This talk is especially given to the business community who do not find “TIME” to do any practice or spiritual development in Malaysia.

DLQA after the Talk For Busy People:   uploaded 2013-10-27-    

DL 2013-11-01- Simplified Dependent Origination  :    One of the few Core teachings of the blessed one is the Law of Cause and Effect or Theory of Dependent Origination. Ven Brahm explain in simple terms this profound teaching in the specific topic “Where did we come from” Why did we come here, possibly where will we go….

DL2013-11-08- Spiritual Pride  :    We have the habit of “comparing” us with others. Other religions, Other practices. We declare ours is “THE SUPREME” path, others are lost lambs. When in our own religion we say we are Therawadiyans, Maha yana, tantric and put down others. we compare teachers and put down other teachers, We go all the way to measure  us I practice 10 hrs a day, they only do one hour a day. We have this “spiritual ” Pride. It is not this practice. Just be free of this MAANA (Comparing).

DL2013-11-15- Jealousy -Buddhist attitude to it  :    The wrong idea of greener grass on the other side of the fence is one of the biggest reasons for this. If you really look at the person you are jealous with you will realise that person is not in any superior position that you are not in. It is really your mind that measure and weigh then give a value to non existing properties. As always its all in your mind.

DL2013-11-22- Contentment  :    Our dis satisfaction is solely due to the misconception that there is a better thing than mine. If we learn to see the blessings we have however little they are our lives would be much more freerer and happier.

DL2013-11-29- For the New Starters  :    Brahm shower heaps of wisdom on  the young who are about to go in to the world on the way to succeed and attain happiness. Ajahn explains the Kamma of Presence is the key for your fortune than the Kamma of the Past.  How self confidence can give you that extra bounce and advices on the development of “YES I CAN” attitude.

DL2013-12-08- Dealing with Unhappiness  :    Brahm shares wisdom on the daily agonies of life citing from the lives of our contemporaries like Steve Jobs, and remind you of your ordering the “truckfull of dung” , and tell you how to make the best use of what you got.  This friday BSWA talk was given by Ven Brahmali (can be acceessed through BSWA site) and Ajahn Brahms this talk was uploaded from a past talk given overseas.


DL2013-12-13- Conversions  : The attempts of religions to convert   others of different faiths, has lead to some tragic events in Sri Lanka and Myanmar. Brahm invites the respective political leaders to act on Article 19 of Human Rights universal declaration to ban conversions by coercion.

DL2013-12-20- Escaping from Materialism  : New Year Dawn and Christmas is the time for giving and possessing with the hope of  scraping some happiness to this life.  Ajahn Brahm teach you to look at the futility of collecting and building your possessions costing you your peace of mind and shows how it destroys your happiness.


DL2013-12-28- Different Traditions of Buddhism  : An introduction and an explanations of the basic differences of different schools of Buddhism practiced around the world. Their differences, similarities and practices.This talk was given on Wesak day at BSV centre in Malvern Melbourne .



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