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2012-01-03 – How to be Happy With Your Life  : You can’t change the world, but you can change your attitude towards the world. So embrace 2012 with compassion and kindness. (A Talk Given in Singapore Buddhist Fellowship)

2012-01-04 – Prosperity   : Running all your life chasing prosperity is what you do. Brahm advise you to PAUSE and look at your life and see where the happiness lie; it is not in the material possessions one got but in the way you react to the world. developing good relationships and treating yourself and others around you with kindness and respect. The recipie for a happy new year and a happy life

2012-01-06 Kamma Without Belief : In this talk Ajahn Brahm takes a non-traditional approach in explaining kamma (actions and their results). The widespread idea that one’s actions will result in punishment and retribution is too simplistic. The guilt feeling you have when you are happy and other misconceptions. So if you want to know more about kamma, listen on.

2012-01-13 One Life- Many Lives : The concept of having only one life may lead to the fear that we may not be able to accomplish all that we want to before our death. The concept of “this is a life out of many”, will change the perception and the way we treat life. Death is not to be feared. Ajahn Brahm offers us beautiful images of death, comparing it to a beautiful sunset or the crescendo before the end of a great symphony.

2012-01-20 Ethics In An Unethical World :  When faced with an ethical dilemma, often we do not know what to do. We may simply follow the mainstream, do excessive thinking, follow the ‘expert’s‘  advice or  simply comply with religious teaching. According to Ajahn Brahm, the most trustworthy and fundamental ethical compass of right or wrong is  your heart. Be mindful of those feelings, and follow what is right inside of you. To illustrate this point, Ajahn Brahm raises a challenging discussion about breaking precepts under certain circumstances when it is simply the ONLY right thing to do. In this unethical world, where ethics are bent to achieve monetary gain, power, pleasure and so on, you may lose many battles while you are protecting your ethical stand, BUT you will win the war eventually.

2012-02-03 –In Harmony with myself :- how the divisions we created have resulted in the hatred and problems in our world, looking at the others to find anything that warrent your admiration can result in respecting the others and creating harmony in this bitter society

2012-02-17 Big Bang BuddhismThis talk is dedicated to Ajahn Brahm’s mother, Mrs Hazel Betts, who passed away on 16 February 2012. It is a profound talk about cosmic spirituality, explaining how the nature of this universe and how the nature of the mind, as Buddhists understand it, work seamlessly together. According to Ajahn Brahm, looking out through the telescope we see the vastness of the universe, but (metaphorically speaking); looking down the telescope in the opposite way, we see the mind. The mind is the larger of the two. By all accounts, proven scientifically, the mind is the initiator of everything that we think and do. So it is not the will, but the mind that gives the order, that initiates the processes of all our actions. Knowing that, Ajahn Brahm challenges us to let our mind do a big bang explosion and see where it leads us. He encourages us to have limitless imagination.  As Einstein famously put it, “imagination is more important than learning”.

2012-02-24 Success Without Stress–  how to use your mind efficiently so as to have more brainpower and to be successful . Stress is caused by having ‘excessive stuff’ in your mind, having ‘no break’ in the stressful time, and the fear of failure in any future undertakings. Stress can be avoided by ‘freeing up’ our mind space by letting go of the past asap, recognising the need to let go and taking a break, trusting that this ‘rest’ is worth it in otherwise stressful circumstances, and adopting a positive attitude by ‘just doing’ and not ‘doing excessive thinking’ and accepting any failure as a learning experience from which to grow.

2012-03-04 – Death Bed Regrets _The qualification for a good and happy death is living a good happy life; Death  is not a subject to be shunned away from . This is a very amusing talk with lot of insight in to an important topic.


 2012-03-16  Gay Marraige? Why Not?? This talk is about the Buddhist view on gay marriage. Ajahn elaborates how decisions on this topic can be made, by looking at the teachings dating back to the time of the Buddha. Ajahn Brahm ends the talk with a light-hearted joke, “The rabbit, the bear and the magic duck“. Not to be missed!

2012-03-30Seventy Not Hundred – Life is not meant to be an organised event where everything goes like clockwork, and we can expect to achieve 100% success.

 The truth is we are unable to control our lives. Life is messy. This is the nature of life. Do not aim for the unachievable. 

We could have 70% of getting it right and we should accept, allow and embrace these 30% of imperfections. We can always learn and grow from these painful experiences.

 Ajahn Brahm encourages you to open the door of your heart to the nature of life as it is. He said, “Do not disturb the nature of life and life would not disturb you.”

2012-04-13 – Friday The 13th / Superstitions:- Fresh from teaching at a nine day retreat, today on Friday the 13th, Ajahn Brahm talks on the topic of superstition. Many of the common ones the buddhist themselves indulge in are covered (such as astrology, lucky bracelets, holy water etc) in this humorous talk. Be very scared 🙂

2012-04-20  Five Types of Religions – Ajahn Brahm talks about 4 things that religion should not be and offers up a “best practice model”. In his usual entertaining style he touches on many things including disability and organ donation.

 2012-04-27 NOT Always Greener On The Other Side – The discontent we experience stems from the feeling that the others are doing better than us. The pursuit of happiness leads us to the rat race that brings in immense suffering in our lives. Ajahn Brahm explains the the material wealth and happiness are not coinciding.

2012-05-04 Serve and Be Happy Hoppie – Ajahn Brahm explains how he maintains his energy in his very busy life. It is fuelled by the inspiration that arises when serving others. While it seems counter intuitive, going the extra mile when tired and low, releases energy and happiness.

2012-05-11 Mindfulness with Compassion -Want to improve the emotional and physical qualities of your life? According to Ajahn Brahm, you will need to practise mindfulness along with compassion and kindness.

2012-05-18- This Too Will Pass:  When life is good do not take it for granted as it will pass. Be mindful, be compassionate and nurture the circumstances that find you in this good time so it will last longer. When life falls apart always remember that this too will pass. Life will have its unexpected turns.  

2012-06-01- Of Arguments And Truth : Often we argue because our personal viewpoints are challenged and we want to be ‘right’ and we want others to see the ‘truth’. Arguments, however, do not always lead to truth and often there is no absolute truth. It is also acceptable to be wrong from time to time. According to Ajahn Brahm, we should not argue for the sake of truth, instead we should FEEL truth. Feelings such as contentment, peace, freedom, stillness and joy transcend time, culture and arguments themselves.

2012-06-08_ SAK Rule : When the sky is dull and grey, when the day is cold and miserable, when feelings of hopelessness prevail or when revenge and ill will take hold, performing a Spontaneous Act of Kindness (SAK) will put a different spin on your world. The impact of such acts can be profound and far-reaching. It may restore one’s faith in humanity and make the world warm and bright in the cold, overcast days of winter  

2012-06-22- ‘Out of Control : Often we assume that if we are NOT ‘in control’, things will go wrong. So we attempt to control our mind, our body and the people we associate with. The Buddha said, “Craving leads to suffering and letting go leads to peace.” Craving to control and to instil fear in people does not always produce the outcomes that were originally intended. Ajahn Brahm encourages us to open the door of our heart; to place freedom, trust, respect, kindness and compassion in others and ourselves. Often this will yield outcomes opposite to what we imagine as  ‘out of control’

2012-06-29_ Listening :  We may be good talkers but not necessarily willing listeners. Alternatively, we may be good listeners but not necessarily good hearers as we are preoccupied with our own inner chatter. On occasions, when we do hear, we have the tendency to filter what we hear. In contrast, ‘total listening’, refers to listening with mindfulness, attentiveness, compassion, kindness and all in silence. ‘Total listening’ is also about listening to our body, our mind and most of all, listening to life. According to Ajahn Brahm, to love is to listen deeply. He encourages us to respect the power of silence and to develop the art of total listening.

2012-07-06- No Self Esteem :  We often strive to live up to our own expectations and those imposed on us by our associates and society at large. This pursuit of the unachievable causes enormous stress and a sense of failure followed by low self-esteem. We can raise our self-esteem by recognizing and rejecting the increasing and unrealistic nature of these expectations, and replacing them with an acceptance of the fact that we are not perfect. If we can accept ourselves then others will accept and welcome us. When we are at ease with ourselves and have good self-esteem, chances are that we can take it further and develop ‘no-self esteem’. This is when we do not define ourselves, but are who we are at the present moment. We are not ‘locked’ in our past and we are not anxious about the future, but are free to enjoy what life has to offer. This is ‘no-self esteem’.

2012-07-27- Retreats :  According to Ajahn Brahm, everyone deserves a ‘retreat’ – to pause mentally and physically. Retreating from the busyness of life leads to moments of silence, peace and contentment. This in turns helps to instill qualities that make one’s life more meaningful and fulfilled. To quote from Ajahn’s book, Opening The Door of Your Heart,  “Grant yourself a moment of peace ,and you will understand , how foolishly you  have scurried about.” So plan for yourself a retreat today. 

 2012-10-21-Skillful Living : Buddhism or rather the Buddhas teaching has its noble purpose of finding The Way out of the suffering of life. But with that the art of living and how you can live a happier life here and now is entwined. In this talk given in Malaysia in October 2012 Ajahn Brahm explains the secrets of making your life skillful and  minimise your mental suffering and open your eyes to the  noble goals.

2012-10-21-Questions and Answers at the end of Talk.

2012-10-26- Teanagers and Aliens : Someone said Living with teenage childrens is akin to living with aliens from another planet, Brahm in his wisdom teach you the way to work with and live with such aliens

2012-11-02- Wanting For Nothing :
Craving is at the root of our sufferings. But overcoming craving is easier said than done. Ajahn Brahm offers sage advice on how to find happiness wanting for nothing.

2012-11-30- Loving  Your Suffering : The pain, anguish, sorrow all are due to your wish to put them away, fight them off, treat them as your enemies. When you try to see them as your partners for life and they are just a part of your being, you can live much happier lighter. Ajahn invite you to Love your suffering.

2012-11-16- Gaming not Gambling : Back from a teaching tour in Las Vegas US Ajahn Brahm talk of why people gamble, the effects of gambling and

2012-12-07- Buddhist Way of Purity :  If there is no mark, blemish, residue on a person when emerging from blames and praises of ones life, it can be safely taken he is pure. Even if one can not be 100% pure the attempt to be so deserves commendation.

2012-12-14- Modern Religion :  Is it necessary to revise and update the religions to cope up with current needs of the society? , Exploring the western Buddhism if such a thing exists.


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