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2011-01-07- Wining and Losing Ajahn Brahm talks about the Buddhist significance of winning and losing.  How you make the journey is important, not the goal, the destination. The real winner is one who is content and peaceful and happy with life.

2011-01-21- How to Live with Non – Buddhists  : Ajahn Brahm gives advice on how to live with others who are not Buddhist..

2011-01-28- Buddhism and Autonomy  ;Ajahn Brahm challenges ideas about autonomy and freedom, and about knowledge and faith, in Buddhism and in other religions.
Ajahn refers to Richard Gombrich’s keynote address ‘Comfort or Challenge?’ for the International Conference on Dissemination of Theravada Buddhism in the 21st Century, held in Salaya, Bangkok, Sep/Oct 2010.  Click here for the text of the address.
Professor Richard Gombrich is chairman of The Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies.

2011-02-04- Wisdom and Stupidity
Ajahn Brahm offers a deep explanation on the meaning of wisdom in Buddhism. Ajahn explains how wisdom is something you get through investigating, contemplating and looking very deeply into the nature of yourself, relationships and into life and is not something you can get from reading a book or listening to a talk. Ajahn emphasises that Buddhism doesn’t tell you what to believe, but how to find out for yourself. In other words 99% of Buddhism is teaching you how to find out the truth for yourself.

2011-02-07- Meditation WHY and HOW : First Talk in Hong Kong Retreat at Tsuen Wan, Wang Fat Ching She. This is very good talk with simple introductions to set you on the road to happiness

2011-02-18- Why Not Us :The only goal in the teachings of the blessed one is Liberation or Enlightenment. Ajahn Brahm talks explains “what enlightenment is ?”and how lay people can get there.

2011-02-25 – Transcending Disasters : Ajahn Brahm says that natural disasters happen, it is part of living in the world. It is not karma, what really matters is how we deal with it.)

2011-03-04- Instead of Attachment : Ajahn Brahm talks about enjoying our possessions like family, relationship and identity without being attached to them. Attachment comes from fear and enjoyment comes from letting go of fear.

2011-03-11- Hissing but Not Biting – Ajahn Brahm talks about how to be assertive, hissing but not biting, as in the story of the meditating snake.

2011-03-18- IRRITATION : Irritation is part of life. How you deal with it is what matters. Ajahn Brahm introduces several techniques to help deal with it, including positive reinforcement and the similes of the empty trash can and Ajahn Mosquito.

2011-03-25-Metta to the Past – This talk is the first talk in a series of three given in Malaysia during Ajahn Brahms visit to Malaysia in 2011 . Brahm advised us to collect the eggs and not the chicken shit at the end of each period.  

2011-03-26_Metta to The Present: The second talk on the three Talks Series on Metta given in Malaysia 

2011-03-27_Metta to the Future : The Final talk on the three Talks Series on Metta given in Malaysia

2011-04-01 TRUST
All about trusting this moment, trusting ourselves and trusting others. Trust can’t be earned, it has to be given. 

2011-04-08 – What Happens After You Die – Ajahn Brahm talks about what happens just before, during and after the dying process, how to approach it and how to enjoy it.

2011-04-15- Arguments:  We all have different views, conditioned by different experiences. Arguments are inevitable, but argue with kindness and respect which will encourage growth and bring us one step closer to truth.

2011-05-06 – What Do You WantAjahn Brahm shares what he really wants in life. He wants the beautiful sense of peace, friendship, kindness, contentment, respect, acceptance and love. Isn’t that what you want?

2011-05-13- “F” For Forgiveness – “Good,Bad,Who Knows?” Ajahn Brahm talks widely on the nature of forgiveness in Buddhism, contrasted with justice and revenge in the world today.

2011-05- 15 Wesak Poya day Talk on Precepts

Ajahn Brahm introduces precepts to those who observed Sil on the wesak day.

2011-05-20 Fear – The fear of the known and fear of Unknown, How fear controls you and how you can control fear is explained by Ajahn Brahm

2011-05-27 In Between – We emphasise too much on beginnings and ends, and do not pay enough attention to the in-between times which count the most in our lives.

2011-06-03 Buddhism and Bananas: – The lessons to be learnt from the experts in peeling Bananas. In reducing all the suffering we go through. Learn to be different. Do not follow the same pattern of thinking. Go against the strains. Swim against the current. Maybe you’ll get liberated from the dogmas of shackles you are bound with and find the true liberation.

2011-06-17 Why Do People Do Bad Things? :Many a time people do things that they regret later. Brahm explores the cause of such behaviour in his own style of profound wisdom. 

2011-07-01 Sex and Booze – Brahm talks about the purpose of precepts and the benefit of keeping them, why we get caught under peer pressure and get in to trouble.

2011-07-08 Motivation – Brahm make you think why we do things. Make peace, be kind, be gentle – let that be your motivation. 

2011-07-15 – Certainty – How futile is that we take for granted that there is certainty in our lives. Ajahn shows you why we get heartaches and worries due to not taking the correct perspective in life. 

2011-08-08Joy and Happiness in Meditation : Hundreds of people celebrated Ajahn Brahm’s 60th birthday at Jhana Grove meditation retreat centre on 7th August 2011. This Dhamma talk was given the day after the small celebration for the benefit of the overseas visitors who came to join the celebration. It’s on bringing joy and happiness in meditation, particularly through recollecting one’s generosity (chaga), Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha and virtue.

2011-10-04 Bringing Playfullness to Life Ajahn Brahm lead a short guided meditation (15min), followed by a Dhamma talk (30min) with questions and answers. to students of Duke University, USA (This Session was given through SKYPE and was recorded. The PLAY arrow below will enable you to hear the talk. The Youtube video for the meditation session is available here. The Talk on Youtube is available here.) 

2011-10-07– Anger Eating Demons – Venerable Brahm is back after Rain retreat and delivered the first talk about the fault-finding mind, how people are not ‘wrong’, but different. Simile of the anger-eating demon. 

2011-10-11- Buddhism and Human Rights  – A talk given t the Curtin University for the benefit of the University community to introduce the aspects of Buddhism to the modern day theme of Human Rights.

2011-10-14 – Justice -Ajahn Brahms continues from the Talk at the Curtin University on Human Rights and expands on the entire concept of Justice and What we expect from the others and the system. 

Buddhist Values – Brahm Talked on the importance of understanding what we hold are the values or principles of following the teaching. (This Talk was given previously and was re loaded on 28th October as Brahm is away in Norway) 

2011 -10-28 – The Middle Way – Ajahn had just returned that afternoon from a 27-hour journey from teaching in Oslo. and gave a light-hearted and humorous talk on the ‘Middle Way’, a central theme in Buddhism. With jokes and stories he explained the avoidance of extremes in everyday life, and the importance of what we put into the space between us and others. He takes this deeper into what we put into the space between our self as observer and that which we observe. 

2011-11-04 –Only The Body is Sick – An enlightening talk about how it is not wrong to be sick. Ajahn Brahm discusses the merit of being sick, and illustrates a touching story of a dying nun. Not to be missed, and sure to rid you of those guilty feelings forever, when the flu bug next bites! 

2011-11-18 – Just Praise – Useful tips on everyday life, dealing with children , and work etc etc. 

2011-11-25 – Friendship– Ajahn Brahm talks about the Friendship that should stem from the friendship to your own body and your own mind and how it can generate the all encompassing metta to the entire living world.

2011-12-09 – Bringing Up Children – Do you want to “make” your kids Buddhists? is the any other option to make them wise honest and compassioanate without insulting their intelligence. Brahms talk after the recent tour in Malaysia gives you much to think .

2011-12-16 –2012- Will it be “Good?” , “Bad?”, What will it bring?

2011-12-30- Farewell 2011: You can’t change the world, but you can change your attitude towards the world. Don’t Go Anywhere Just be here. You can’t change the world, but you can change your attitude towards the world. So embrace 2012 with compassion and kindness. The Last Talk for the year 2011. 


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