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 2018.05.11- The Power of Silence :  (Brhams Writing)
Back from Indonesia after a brief tour of teaching Brahm shares with you the wisdom of being immersed in Silence. The medical, psychological benefits how much being silent and observing can enhance your daily life.

 2018.04.27- Holy Life and  Holes:
Brahm give you some useful teachings on how the difficulties you are in your life can be turned in to ingradients of making your life better. May we pay gratitude to the blessed one on this day of Wesak for teaching the Dhamma that frees the bonded beings.

 2018.04.13- Learning to be Silent:

Brahm talks about the beauty of being silent in your life, both in society and when you are all by yourself. The second root of defilement is called “Dosa” in Pali and its literally meaning unrestful, turbulent or being stressed. Dosa is not “Anger” as most monks translate. By being silent and developing your seclusion you can overcome this defilement and be HAPPY.

 2018- 03-16 Fear and its many Forms
 There are many types of this commodity around us. Fear of Public speaking, Fear of closed spaces, fear of altitudes, but  mostly Fear of Death.  Brahm find a common thread among all types of fears and analises it so you dont have to fear anything in this life and beyond.

 2018- 03-09 Stressed For Life?
Ajahn Brahm talks about this never ending problem of Stress in the modern living we experience and explains the mechanism of materialisation of the conditions that make our life stressful. He in his immense wisdom show you the way to overcome the stress or not get stressful by changing only your internal attitude towards the causes.

Dogs Year2018- 02-23  Buddhism and Dogs. 
Ajahn Brahm pick on The Dog ( Mans best friend) in this year of the dog to drive home some great qualities you can  copy from the dog who live at your home.  

2018- 02-16  Authenticity. 
The relationships we have with the others make our life livable. But how much of that trust depends on the honesty of this relationships or simply how much Authenticity we have in our thinking. 

2018- 02-09  Putting Ideals To Work. 
Ajahn Brahm talks about the importance of keeping our integrity and values throughout our lives and how we can energise our commitment to these ideals.This Talk was given few years before but was not on this blog before.

Today Talk was given by Ven Ajahn Nissararano On virtuous living..

 2018- 02-02  Happiness From Harmony. 
We want the world to see the life as we see and understand it. We get alienated when they think differently. Ajahn Brahm shows you the agony of disharmony by seeing the differences and the bliss and joy of finding similarities and living in harmony.

 2018- 01- 26   Who Do You Think You Really Are… 
Ajahn brahm celebrates the 2018 Australia Day with us by giving this beautiful talk on reincarnation. Babies do not come in to this world empty minded. Infact our characters , behaviour, likes and dislikes are not coming from our parents or induced by our society and environment. Ajahn Brahm gave this talk with ample examples from the recent past how we have become what we  are “because” of what we “WERE” in the previous lives.  

 2018- 01-19  That’s what Friends Are For. 
Ajahn Brahm is starting a meditation retreat at Jhnana Gove today and Ajahn Brahmali gave a talk today about the difficulties the current day buddhist nuns experience in their monastic life. (That talk is in Ajahn Brahmali’s Archive)  I took the liberty to upload this talk given by Ajahn Brahm on 31st of December 2017 stressing the importance of friendship and importance of taking care of others

 2018- 01-12  The Art of Letting Go.
Ajahn Brahm teach you how to sleep without wearing your high heels.  The shoes of Past and the future and how one can find the bliss of living at the present moment.

 2017-12-29  Consciousness, Life Horoscope….
Explanation of how consciousness and life, How wise is to believe in horoscopes, and many other small yet thought provoking subjects that we need to understand in the correct perspective.

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    Downloads do not work. The download link just opens a new browser and starts the audio. Please fix. This happened before and you fixed it.

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