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RECORDINGS FROM 2017 January Meditation Retreat in Sri Lanka


Am I Good Enough?
We blame ourselves for the smallest misfortune or the unsettling event that come our way. We feel we are not good enough and always do a bit more to make us better. But there is no end. Each time we raise the bar to jump  we feel it is not enough. Brahm explains the  futility of this concept and the benefit of accepting you as you are.  Dont Judge anybody including yourself.

2017-04-21 –  Chasing Happiness  :  
Brahm is expected to give a talk in Halifax on 19th June. This talk uploaded today was give by Ajahn in Halifax on 21st  October 2014. The benefits of being happy and secrets of being happy every hours of your day. Pay attention and take in to heart.

2017-04-14 –
Meditation Made Easy :  The heart of Buddha’s Teaching is the Meditation. Meditation is the essential practice. This talk given at a meditation retreat overseas Brahm introduces the practice in its simplest form.

2017-04-14 –
Questions Answered After The Talk on Meditation.

2017-04-07 – Blaming Yourself and Others:  Things will not workout the way we want them to be. As Murphy’s Law predicts the general tendency is it never will.  When that happens trying to find a person to put the  blame on is not going to help you. It will rather make the situation worse.

2017-03-31 – Humouristic Buddhism : Brahm talk about the benefits of developing a lighter attitudes in life. As it is the life is a drudgery most of the time. But being too serious about getting out of this burden will make your burden heavier. Brahm advocate on looking at the lighter side of life and living a happier life.


Added on 2017-03-24

 2017-03- 17- Entanglement-  
How deep we are embedded in the world or the social links we created, how much we are tied up and identify with our views and ideas? Is  it for your benefit? How can you be free of these and be happy.
 2017-03- 10- Good Governance and Buddhism:- Ajahn Brahm explains the principles of democracy as entwined in the Buddhist teaching and practice. There are many ideas even today relevant to modern political scenery . .
 2017-03- 03- Expect the Unexpected.
Life is a series of unexpected events. When we expect the life to follow a pre planned path its fine as long as the plan works. But when you find yourself getting lost because something happened which was not expected, you will be shaken to the core. Brahm explains the wisdom of expecting unexpected.
The blessed one discovered that the entire universe and the system where everyone live and every being in this universe is governed by the Mind. Hence it is not incorrect to say Buddhism is the study and Management of Mind. The fist stanza of the Dhammapada says Mind is the fore runner of EVERYTHING. Ajahn Brahm gives his own explanation with his usual wit and wisdom as a response to a question.

 2017-02-10- TRUST.
How important is Trust? How to develop trust? How to reinstate it  if you were given it how to value it? When you lose trust how you suffer and how to reduce the bad effect of such occurrences.

 2017-02-03- Reincarnation.
Back from a teaching tour in Sri Lanka Brahms spend time in giving tremendous advice about how  your life can be more rewarding before being reincarnated.

 2017-02-01-  The Way To Heaven
As Ajahn Brahm was not available during the past several weeks no new talks were added. To fill this vaccum here I add a talk given  few years back in Malaysia . This is a very interesting talk about the After Life experience. Who really create your heaven? Be warned this talk is longer 118 mins.

 2017-01-06- Learning to be at Peace with yourself.
Being able to change your attitude to life is the basic solution to finding Peace. Chasing behind everything illusive disregarding what you already have is foolishly termed as Ambition. Is it really ambition or insanity? Being content with what you have and what you are and realising the great fortune you have will lead you to happiness.

 2016-12-31- An  Years End.
Looking back at the year that ended and welcoming a new year, Ajahn Brahm prods your consciousness to investigate your 2016 and instruct you to do more for yourself and for the fellow beings in 2017. Talk followed by a brief meditation session.

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    Downloads do not work. The download link just opens a new browser and starts the audio. Please fix. This happened before and you fixed it.

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