Link to Torrent Download All the Talks given in 2010:folderBrahm-2010

2010-01-01 – Building Hearts Not Halls
There are times when you do not agree with the things you are supposed to do. The normal mind set we have will argue with that resist it and insist on doing it your way. Brahm explains with real life experience the wisdom of going with flow, not resisting, not trying to change the world. How peaceful life can be. It is the way of Buddh’s teaching. Changing your heart and and being kind and loving you can make the world you see a better nicer place to live in. 

2010-01-08 – Buddhist Values –

2010-01-09 – A Session of Guided Meditation 

2010-01-10 – Sunday Sutta Class – Dantabhoomi Sutta

2010-01-15 – A Happy Hermit

2010-01-22 – Within Nature

2010-01-24 -Sunday Sutta Class  Seka Sutta

2010-01-29 – Disappointments 

2010-02-05- Inspirations

 2010-02-12 Traumas and Tragedies

 2010-02-14  Sunday Sutta Class –Mara-Thajjaneeya Sutta

 2010-02-19 A Taste of Freedom

2010-02-26-What is Truth

2010-03-05 Why Is It Hard To Be Kind

2010-03-07 -Sunday Sutta Class  Bahu Wedaniya Sutta

2010-03-12 – Buddhist Values

2010-03-14 – Sunday Sutta Class – Chula Sunantta Sutta

2010-04-09 –Four ways of Letting Go

2010-04-11 – Sunday Sutta Class – Chula Vedalla Sutta

2010-04-16 – Buddhism and Atheism

2010-04-23 – Negativity and Positivity

2010-04-25 – Sunday Sutta Class – Maha Malukya Putta Sutta

2010-05-07 – – Middle Way

2010-05-09 – Sunday Sutta Class – Deega Naka Sutta

2010-05-14-Tradition and Truth

2010-05-21 – Ignorance is Bliss

2010-05-23 – Sunday Sutta Class – Chula Saropama Sutta

2010-05-27-Ghosts and Other beings

2010-05-28-Guided Meditation Session in Singapore

2010-05-28– The Science of the Mind and The Brain ( Singapore Tour)

2010-06-04– Three in One

2010-06-11-The Middle Way

2010-06-25-Buddhist Attitude regarding Depression

2010-07-02-Winning and Losing

2010-07-09-Dealing with Difficult People

2010-07-23-Sense of Community and Friendship

2010 -07- 24 –Contentment – A short talk

2010-07-30 -DevotionSaddha -BSWA – The qualities of Saddha which you need to develop and the the flip side of it that will lead you astray

2010-08-07 -The First and Second Noble Truths Suffering and its Cause -BSWA – The qualities of Saddha which you need to develop and the the flip side of it that will lead you astray

2010-08-14 –The Third and Forth Noble Truths 

2010-08-21 –Consciousness and The Second Noble Truth 

2010-08-28- Samma Ditti -Part 1

2010-09-04- Samma Ditti Part 2

2010-09-18- Right Mindfulness

2010-10-22- Ending Conflicts

2010-10-29- Coffins

2010-11-05- Putting A Meaning To Life

2010-11-05- What To Do When a Loved One is Suffering 

2010-11-26- Different Forms Of Love In Buddhsim

2010-12-03- Putting A Meaning to your Life Ajahn Brahm talks not on how to find the meaning of life, but how you can put meaning into your life.

2010-12-10- The Four Old Men Ajahn Brahm tells the story of the four old men: wealth, success, peace and harmony.  Ajahn explains the story as a Buddhist lesson in setting priorities in our relationships with others and in our relationship to ourselves.  Includes the carrot joke.

2010-12-17- Anicca

2010-12-23- Find What You Really Want :  We are burdened with un-satisfactoriness and grumble of the tragedy of this LIFE. But in reality we create our own suffering by chasing behind things that are unimportant and sometimes harmful. Ajahn Brahm invite you to investigate your list of wants  to find your own freedom….. Recorded in Malaysia on 2010-12-23  


2010-12-31- Happiness for 2011

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