2009 Retreat Talks

Nine day  Meditation Retreat. These MP3 files are in a higher bit rate suitable for burning to a CD and creating a Stand Alone Retreat Talks Disc, and hopefully may come in handy in the future.

 1-Retreat Talk 1 : Introduction to the Retreat:-  basic instructions, rules, Tips and Tricks to attain a tranquil mind   

 2-Retreat Talk 2 : On the First Friday Ajahn shares his experience and guide you to the deep state of bodyless mind and the happiness and joy of freedom enjoyable at the present moment, to teach you to relax and get a taste of this bliss of freedom.

3-Questions Answered after the Talk 2:

4-Retreat Talk 3:  The effort that should go on to developing mindfulness in order to achieve the desired goal is the topic expounded by venerable Ajahn on this saturday.

5-Q and A on Saturday :  Questions Answered in the Saturday evening session  on the issues encountered during meditation.

6- Talk on Sunday:  Solving the difficultirs and problems in the Meditation Practice. When the Traveller do not see the Path only the journey bears fruit. The Knower and Doer.

7-Questions Answered on Sunday

8-Talk on Fourth Morning : The fruits of a good meditation session

  09- QA Session after Monday Talk  

10- Tuesday Morning Talk : How the development of Mindfulness can be achieved; space between observer and observed

11-Questions Answered on Tuesday Evening

12 -Wednesday Talk – To be in the Present Moment what you must do not do

 13 Questions and Answers on Wednesday 

14 Talk on Thursday :  Experiences in the deeper meditative practice with the simile of the thousand petal lotus. 

15 Questions and Answer session on Thursday

16. Friday Talk : The part of wisdom that plays in the process of achieving enlightenment. A gentle prodding by Venerable Brahm on your intelect to bring your attention on to the path.

17 – Last Formal Talk on the Saturday at the end of the 9 day retreat: Review of the benefits gained and the transformation of the minds after the nine days of vigilant practice.
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