Link to Download All the 2009 Talks  in a Torrent:folder
2009-01-02 Reasonable Resolutions

2009-01-09 Re-Incarnation

2009-01-16 Meaning of Life

2009-01-30 Solution with Love and Kindness

2009-02-06 Ten Ox Herders

2009-02-13 Community and Tragedy

2009-02-20 Loving L I F E

Stages of Enlightenment – A Talk given in Singapore 2009 Feb

2009-03-04 What is Happening To Our World


2009-03-20_Rituals in Buddhism:   uploaded 2013-10-12- The teaching of the Blessed one is now overgrown with so much rituals many quicken their steps going pass a Buddhist center. The need for HELP protection from a creator God has been transmitted to this noble teaching making it just one more of the Religions. Brahm tries to explain what is the doctrine and how and where some additions have created havoc .  

2009-03-22  Chula Dukkakkandha Sutta

2009-03-27 Is Buddhism A Religion ?

2009-04-03 Process of Re Birth

2009-05-01 Does Life Sucks?

2009-05-08 Goodness

2009-05-15 Emptiness

2009-05-29 How To Live in The Present Moment

2009-06-05 Value System

2009-06-12 Get Real

2009-06-26 Patience

2009-07-23 Skillful Speech

2009-07-10 How To Die Well

2009-10-02 Why ME?

2009-10-09 Daana (Giving) and Generosity

2009-10-17 Why be a Buddhist– Talk at London Buddhist Vihara. UK

2009-10-17 Questions Answered after the Talk  London Buddhist Vihara.UK

2009-10-23 Controversy

2009-10-25 Chula Vedalla Sutta

2009-10-30 Guided Meditation Session

2009-10-30 Relationships

2009-11-06 Excommunication

2009-11-20 Demystifying Retuals

2009-11-24 Overcoming Anger

2009-11-27 Finding The Meaning of Life

2009-12-04  This Too Will Pass

2009-12-11  Mindfulness

2019-12-18- Tales of A Forest Monk.- The Last Talk Given at a Meditation Retreat held in Penang , Malaysia in December 2009 with plenty of Wisdom and advice .  

 Questions and Answers Session After the Talk

2009-12-18  Happy Buddha mas

2009-12-25- Buddhist Economics – Ajahn Brahms talk on Economics. How an individal, a family, A country and the world can overcome many material issues we face today due to volatile Economic conditions. A fresh perspective of global magnitude. A talk given in Malaysia few years  back..   

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