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Link to Download All the Talks given in 2008:folder
2008-01-04  –Thanks a lot for Gratitude

2008-01-11 A Take out on Fundamentalism

2008-01-18  –Real Life Teachings of Ajahn Cha

2008-02-01  –The End of Evil

2008-02-08  –Aspects of Freedom

2008-02-29  –Letting Go of Ones we Love 

2008-03-07  –The Meaning of Life

2008-03-14  –No Complaints

2008-04-11  –Below The Mist : We take everything for granted. Over the time we adjust ourselves to “Our way” of life. It is rarely the correct way. Most probably its not the path to liberation and happiness. Brahm says this walk through the mist will endanger us if we are not mindful.  

2008-04-18  –Expanding Your Mind

2008-05-02  –Peace is The Highest Happiness

2008-05-09 –Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

2008-05-30 –Gossip

2008-06-06  –Meditating Kamma

2008-06-20 –Realising or Revealing Religion

2008-07-04 –Right View

2008-07-11  –Buddhism and Politics

2008-10-13 –Monastic Path of the Forest Tradition 

2008-10-17  –How To Have A Positive Mind

2008-11-14  –Harmony

2008-11-21  –Fear

2008-11-28  –How To deal With Difficult People

2008-12-12 –Spiritual Power of Silence 

2008-12-19  –Investigate Your Way To Freedom 

2008-12-20  –Brightening up the Gloom

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