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2008-01-04  –Thanks a lot for Gratitude
People complain of how ungrateful the others are. In the good old days how people never forget who helped them and now the millennials are chopping the trees that sheltered them from the rain etc.  Ajahn Brahm gives a talk about developing a sense of gratitude in our lives.

2008-01-11 A Take out on Fundamentalism
What does Buddhism have to say about religious fundamentalism? What can be done about it? Ajahn Brahm explains….

2008-01-18  –Real Life Teachings of Ajahn Cha
Ajahn Brahm reflects upon the great power and deep wisdom of the life of his teacher Ajahn Chah.

2008-02-01  –The End of Evil
In response to a question about evil in the world, Ajahn Brahm explains that from a Buddhist perspective there is no being that is intrinsically evil, there’s just stupidity and ignorance that lead beings to hurt one another. We can use Right View to change the way we look at things and build a better world. This talk is about how we can change our view of things and have a deeper, better life because we no longer cling onto ideas of ‘evil’.

2008-02-08  –Aspects of Freedom
What do we mean by freedom? Freedom is something we all aspire towards and it would be beneficial if we know what freedom really is. In Buddhism freedom is an inner freedom from suffering. Ajahn Brahm goes on to talk about the real meaning of freedom.

2008-02-29  –Letting Go of Ones we Love
Ajahn Brahm gives advice on how to let go of the friends and family that we love when they die.

2008-03-07  –The Meaning of Life
What is the purpose of our life? If we don’t what the purpose of our lives are we end up have a meaningless existence and getting depressed. Ajahn Brahm explains what the spiritual meaning of life is, and how to live with purpose.

2008-03-14  –No Complaints
We spend half our lives complaining. But does anyone really listen? Does it really help the situation? So why do we complain so much? Ajahn Brahm offers a different perspective on complaining, pointing us towards changing our attitude rather than changing everything around us, and finding greater peace and contentment in the process.

2008-04-11  –Below The Mist : We take everything for granted. Over the time we adjust ourselves to “Our way” of life. It is rarely the correct way. Most probably its not the path to liberation and happiness. Brahm says this walk through the mist will endanger us if we are not mindful.  

2008-04-18  –Expanding Your Mind
How can people have so many different beliefs? How can people believe in things that are contrary to plain evidence? How can people, even in the same family, have arguments over these beliefs? Ajahn Brahm talks about the “distortions of the cognitive process” (vipallasa) and how this causes so much confusion in the world, and offers some practical strategies to make sure we aren’t the ones with distorted views – and therefore more happy and free in life.

2008-05-02  –Peace is The Highest Happiness
Ajahn Brahm starts out by distinguishing between happiness and peace, then goes on to make the case that peace is the highest happiness, and what we should all be striving for.

2008-05-09 –Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
Ajahn Brahm gives a talk on how we can approach decision making in our lives with more wisdom.

2008-05-30 –Gossip
If you want to hear all the latest gossip that Ajahn Brahm has heard on the grapevine, then you really need to listen to this talk. 

2008-06-06  –Meditating Kamma
Ajahn Brahm discusses the principle of kamma and how we can use it skilfully in our meditation practice.

2008-06-20 –Realising or Revealing Religion
Ajahn Brahm challenges the notion of “revealed religion” and prophets from a supreme deity. He goes on to say that we are all on a spiritual journey and it’s up to us all to realise deeper spiritual truths directly for ourselves.

2008-07-04 –Right View
Ajahn Brahm reflects on the idea of Right View (Samma-ditthi); the first factor of the Noble Eightfold Path. explain how Right View in Buddhism doesn’t mean believing in a fixed dogma, but rather how to perceive things in life in order to bring our views into line with reality and to find inner peace. Ajahn Brahm focuses on not “what” to believe, but “where” to look, and “how” to look for it.. 

2008-07-11  –Buddhism and Politics
In recent years you see certain members of Sangha engaged in Political activities. Particularly in Myanmar, Sri Lanka etc. There are those who defend such acts  and there are those who condemn such worldly activities by Sangha. Ajahn Brahm gives an unexpected view on the topic of Buddhism and Politics.

2008-10-13 –Monastic Path of the Forest Tradition
Since the time of the Buddha there have always been monks and nuns who have retreated into the depths of forests, mountains and caves seeking physical isolation to aid them in the development of meditation and realization of the Dhamma, the truth of the Buddha’s teaching. Whether in solitude or in small groups, such renunciates lived a life of simplicity, austerity, and determined effort. They have included some of the greatest meditation masters since the Buddha himself. Far from cities and towns, willing to put up with the rigours and hardships of living in the wild for the opportunity to learn from nature, and uninterested in worldly fame or recognition, these forest monastics often remained unknown, their life stories lost among the jungle thickets and mountaintops.

2008-10-17  –How To Have A Positive Mind
We keep hearing about all the benefits of being positive, but now Ajahn Brahm gives practical advice on how to be positive. This is a talk about how to use your mind efficiently so as to have more brainpower and to be successful with a smile on your face.

2008-11-14  –Harmony
In a world where there is so much conflict and disharmony – between governments, between religions, between co-workers, between family members and even in our own minds – there is a deep yearning for peace and harmony in the world. Ajahn Brahm uses this talk to highlight the topic of harmony and how to create it in our world, and within ourselves.

2008-11-21  –Fear
People these days are afraid of war, of terrorists, of diseases and so many things. With this in mind Ajahn Brahm talks about fear, what it is and how to overcome it.

2008-11-28  –How To deal With Difficult People
Responding to a question, Ajahn Brahm talks about to deal with (the many!) difficult people there are in the world by applying the insights of Buddhist practice.

2008-12-12 –Spiritual Power of Silence
Ajahn Brahm offers a teaching on the spiritual power of silence, and how the experience of silence has the power to heal all many of problems and conflicts. 

2008-12-19  –Investigate Your Way To Freedom
One of the unique qualities of Buddhism as a religion is that it not only allows questioning and inquiry, but actively encourages it. Ajahn Brahm argues that the quality of investigation is sacred in Buddhism as it is essential to developing knowledge on the Buddhist path.

2008-12-20  –Brightening up the Gloom
Basically, if you ask me, there are two main points about this whole thing.

The first thing is mindfulness, which is always a very important thing for personal growth. Once you start being mindful, you can see where you are at the moment —either up or down—. You get to know yourself. Thanks to self-awareness, now I know the things I can do to change course. By being mindful, you just embrace the fact that this is a low energy day, accept it and do something about it. Maybe play some empowering music – for me, Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life” always does the trick.



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