Link to Download All the Talks given in 2007:folder 2007-01-05-Control and Freedom  : The inherent nature of the human mind is to control  others, control society and control the  world. This  has made most of the troubles in our lives magnify many fold. Ajahn Brahm advocate the need to understand the comfort of letting go and leaving the world as it is.

2007-01-12 Superstitions :

2007-01-19 Sexuality :

2007-02-16- Zeroing in On Enlightenment

2007-03-16 Higher Criticism

2007-04-13 Building The House Of Peace

2007-04-27 Investigation in to The Ethics of Murder

2007-05-04 Buddhism In The Business World

2007-05-11 Freedom -The Path To Happiness

2007-05-18 The Right To Believe

2007-06-01 Buddhism and Sects

2007-06-08 Accountability

2007-06-15-Dealing With Emotions

2007-06-29 Interconnectedness

2007-07-06 Procrastination : Hierarchy of Life’s Meanings

2007-07-13 How To Change The World

2007-07-27 Happiness Industry : Joy At Last

2007-08-03 Celebrating Celibacy

2007-08-10 Tolerance Explored

2007-10-12 Read Your Heart Not The Book
The Teachings of the Buddha are not in the Temple, Pagoda, Monastery, Any such building, or in the books or in any medium we use these days. The teaching is in the heart of the one who understands them and take it in to their heart to practice.

2007-11-09 Power of Mindfulness and Compassion

2007-11-16 Power

2007-11-30 The Secret of Lo-Hi

2007-12-07 Much To Do About Nothing

2007-12-14 Conflict


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