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2005-01-07 – To Hell With Punishment – In many religions there is an aspect of punishment for not following the teachings of the faith, or questioning the teaching. You may end up in Hell if you dis obey the teacher. In Buddhas teaching there is Kamma. Is it the same thing or is there a difference?

2005-01-09 Sunday Sutta Class – Abhayaraja Kumara Sutta Exposition. In this discourse, the Buddha shows the factors that go into deciding what is and is not worth saying. The main factors are three: whether or not a statement is true, whether or not it is beneficial, and whether or not it is pleasing to others. The Buddha himself would state only those things that are true and beneficial, and would have a sense of time for when pleasing and unpleasing things should be said. Notice that the possibility that a statement might be untrue yet beneficial is not even entertained.

2005-01-14 Stop Trying to Meditate – We all WANT to meditate. When  I come in to the picture and WANT to do something we go off track. Not understanding the real meaning of meditation. It is simply something you Can not do. Be an observer not a Doer.

2005-01-28 Compassion and Stillness. As Dalai Lama once said “Love and Compassion are necessities. Not luxuries. Without them humanity can not survive.”  Ajahn Brahm talk about this aspect of Compassion for you to achieve the stillness.    

2005-02-04 Tranquility in Conflict
Responding to a question on how to stay calm amidst conflict, Ajahn Brahm extends his response further by talking about how tranquility can help us to see more deeply into the causes and nature of conflict, and also how tranquility itself can be a key component of resolving conflict, whether its at the small scale with a family or amongst friends, or on a broader scale in the community. 

2005-02-25 Buddhist Response to Euthanasia
Ajahn Brahm tackles the morally complex issue of euthanasia with fine-tuned Buddhist wisdom

2005-02-26 Buddhist View on Abortion
Buddhism has traditionally opposed abortion, while tolerating its practice. Exploring this difficult territory means looking at ethics from a Buddhist perspective and considering how we balance compassion for the unborn child and for the mother. Read more 

2005-03-18 Essence of Pilgrimage

2005-04-10 Kasambiya Sutta Exposition
Ajahn Brahm discusses sutta 48 from the Majjhima Nikaya – directed to the Kosambiyans

2005-04-22 Loneliness
Responding to a request, Ajahn Brahm talks about loneliness which for many people is a big problem. Ajahn Brahm talks about what loneliness is, what its causes are and how to overcome it.

2005-04-22 Arguments.
Often we argue because our personal viewpoints are challenged and we want to be ‘right’ and we want others to see the ‘truth’. Arguments, however, do not always lead to truth and often there is no absolute truth. It is also acceptable to be wrong from time to time. According to Ajahn Brahm, we should not argue for the sake of truth, instead we should FEEL truth. Feelings such as contentment, peace, freedom, stillness and joy transcend time, culture and arguments themselves.

2005-04-29 Tearing Off the Hinges of Door of Your Heart
Moments of insight, love and compassion flow through Ajahn Brahm’s stories like rivers of hope. In nearly thirty years as a Buddhist monk, born and educated in the West but trained in the Thai forest tradition, Ajahn Brahm has gathered many poignant, engaging and profound stories from the Buddhist philosophy. He has taught this philosophy to westerners from all walks of life, led meditation groups in Australian prisons, and counselled the distressed, the sick and the bereaved. The stories that emerge, like the experiences they reflect, are thoughtful, funny and enlightening.Told with wit and wisdom, these tales reveal moments of compassion in the lives of ordinary people, expressing their need to make life meaningful.

2005-05-06 Endurance
We all have to bear with difficult and challenging circumstances in life. Ajahn Brahm talks about the quality of endurance: the dumb sort of endurance, and the wise sort of endurance which is what we should cultivate.

2005-05-13 Ending Of Relationships
Responding to two requests about how to deal with the ending of relationships, Ajahn Brahm gives a unique talk on when and how to end relationships in a way that is skillful and compassionate

2005-05-20 The Enlightenment
The arrival at the status of supreme liberation or attainment of arhathood is the enlightenment in Buddhist doctrine. It is a state of mind pure and shakle free that is to be arrived at here and now. Not after death. 

2005-05-27 Which Yana is Correct
Responding to a request about which type of Buddhism to follow. Ajahn Brahm asks whether there is really any meaningful difference between the traditions of Buddhism, and that ultimately it’s best to follow the teaching of the Buddha – the Dharma/Dhamma – as authentically as we can. And also to have fun doing so! Ajahn Brahm declares himself a member of the Hahayana school of Buddhism which is about creating happiness in this world.

2005-06-03 Don’t Be A “Sicko”
Ajahn Brahm gives a talk about being sick, and the Buddhist attitude to being sick, because being sick and unwell is something that happens to all of us at some time in our lives. He offers skillfull means in order to better understand sickness and to deal constructively with the experience of being ill.

2005-07-01 Panic Attacks
Ajahn Brahm explains how modern living celebrates fear, which cultivates anxiety and eventually leads to panic attacks. To reduce anxiety he recommends to stop thinking of situations in terms of rigid outcomes and learning how to see the options that anxious people do not see. To reduce panic attacks Ajahn Brahm recommends becoming aware of your triggers so that you can use those triggers to “program mindfulness” to experience awareness and relaxation instead of panic.

2005-07-08 Unceremonious Buddhism
Many people see the ceremonies and etiquette of religion to be empty and a barrier to getting to know what the teachings are really about. Ajahn Brahm gives a talk going to what the essential core of Buddhism is really about, unbound from the fetter of ceremony and ritual.

2005-07-10 Sunday Sutta Class – Pottapada Sutta -Exposition
Part One of Ajahn Brahm’s discussion of sutta 9 of the Digha Nikaya – the Potthapada Sutta: To Potthapada. Read DN 9 – Potthapada Sutta.

2005-10-21-Smart Thinking! Boy Wonder!!
Ajahn Brahm tackles what it means to be a great thinker or smart thinker. He challenges the primacy of the importance of thinking, and advocates instead wisdom based upon inner silence and direct knowledge.

2005-10-28 Clairvoyance
Ajahn Brahm talks about Clairvoyance and Buddhism. He asked the audience “did you predict I would speak on this tonight?” He discusses why some predictions are right and others not right. As well as why monks don’t show their clairvoyance powers.

2005-12-09 Emptiness
Responding to questions about what is the Buddhist perspective on life and the world, Ajahn Brahm gives a deep explanation on the Buddhist idea of Emptiness and how it relates to meditation. Ajahn Brahm says he will ‘reveal the whole meaning of….

2005-12-02 Lessons From The Road
Ajahn Brahm reflects upon how monk’s experiences can relate to laypeople’s experiences in a busy world. He explains how monks can experience the same stresses and difficulties we experience in the world, but they have a layer of understanding, wisdom and peace to deal with the problems of life much better. Ajahn Brahm also points out that doing good work for others arouses a lot of energy, which enables one to perform at a high standard even when very busy.

2005-12-30 Life As A Monk or a Nun
Ajahn Brahm gives an overview on what it’s like to be a monk or nun. Ajahn talks about the monastic rules, such as why they need rules, their purpose and what happens when they keep or break them. He points out the importance of understanding the purpose of the rules, so that one keeps them for the right reasons and he explains how they are conducive to happiness, wellbeing and prosperity.




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