Brahm 2005

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2005-01-07 – To Hell With Punishment – In many religions there is an aspect of punishment for not following the teachings of the faith, or questioning the teaching. You may end up in Hell if you dis obey the teacher. In Buddhas teaching there is Kamma. Is it the same thing or is there a difference?
2005-01-09 Sunday Sutta Class – Abhayaraja Kumara Sutta Exposition. In this discourse, the Buddha shows the factors that go into deciding what is and is not worth saying. The main factors are three: whether or not a statement is true, whether or not it is beneficial, and whether or not it is pleasing to others. The Buddha himself would state only those things that are true and beneficial, and would have a sense of time for when pleasing and unpleasing things should be said. Notice that the possibility that a statement might be untrue yet beneficial is not even entertained.
2005-01-14 Stop Trying to Meditate – We all WANT to meditate. When  I come in to the picture and WANT to do something we go off track. Not understanding the real meaning of meditation. It is simply something you Can not do. Be an observer not a Doer.
2005-01-28 Compassion and Stillness. As Dalai Lama once said “Love and Compassion are necessities. Not luxuries. Without them humanity can not survive.”  Ajahn Brahm talk about this aspect of Compassion for you to achieve the stillness.    
2005-02-04 Tranquility in Conflict

2005-02-25 Buddhist Response to Euthenasia
2005-02-26 Buddhist View on Abortion
2005-03-18 Essence of Pilgrimage
2005-04-10 Kasambiya Sutta Exposition
2005-04-22 Loneliness
2005-04-22 Arguments
2005-04-29 Tearing Off the Hinges of Door of Your Heart
2005-05-06 Endurance
2005-05-13 Ending Of Relationships
2005-05-20 The Enlightenment
2005-05-27 Which Yana is Correct
2005-06-03 Don’t Be A “Sicko”
2005-07-01 Panic Attacks
2005-07-08 Unceremonious Buddhism
2005-07-10 Sunday Sutta Class – Pottapada Sutta -Exposition
2005-10-21-Smart Thinking! Boy Wonder!!
2005-10-28 Clairvoyance

2005-12-09 Emptiness
2005-12-02 Lessons From The Road
2005-12-30 Life As A Monk or a Nun

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  2. Aaron says:

    I want to download to my phone which, it used to do. Now, it just opens a new browser tab to a site that plays the talk but, not download.

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