Link to Download All the Talks given in 2004:folder

2004-01-02 What is good

2004-01-09 Doubt

2004-02-06 Consciousness

2004-02-27 Attitude  To Life

2004-03-05 Be Patient 

2004-03-26 Buddhism and the Body

2004-04-02 Praise and Blame

2004-04-23 Buddhist Values

2004-04-30 Assumptions

2004-05-07 Self Hate

2004-05-14  Having Your Cake

2004-05-28 Dooms Day

2004-06-04 Free Will

2004-06-18 Reborn Again

2004-06-25  The Law of Cause and Effect

2004-07-02 Cruelty

2004-07-11 SuttaSimile of The Snake

2004-07-23 Discipline

2004-07-25 Sunday Sutta Class – Maha Pannowaka Sutta 

2004-07-25  Maha Pannawaloka Sutta

2004-07-30 Who is Right

2004-10-15 Doing What is Good

2004-10-22  Bringing up Children

2004-10-29  Mental Energy of Happiness

2004-11-12  Buddhist Concept of Psychology

2004-11-05  Hopelessness 

2004-11-14 Sunday Sutta Class  Aranna Vibhaga Sutta

2004-12-03  What is a Prison 

2004-12-31  Tsunamies and Other Tragedies 

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