Link to Download All the Talks given at BSWA during  2002:folder

 2002-01-11. – Ajahn Nyanadhammo– Ten Paramis PART2:Ajahn Nanadhammo concludes the talk on the Ten Virtues one one develop to attain the final enlightenement

2002-01-18- Ayya Vayama – Attachment to Children: We consider our kids as our utmost treasure; We livefor them. But did you ever pause to think of them as individual beings, that were thrust on you to take care of for a limited time. If so why why do you get attached to them so much like the rubbish collector who get attached to his rubish collecting truck?

2002-01-25 Ajahn Nyanadhammo – Going Beyond: Why people leave the lay life and become members of Sangha. Give up the joys of normal life to restrain your senses spend your life on developing the mind. [ audio https://archive.org/download/BSWA-2002/2002_01_25_AN_Going%20Beyond.mp3]

 2002-02-08  Transferring Merits – Ajahn Plien: This fantastic talk was given at BSWA by the Visiting Master from Thailand Most Venerable Ajahn Plien

 2002-02-15 Preparation for Dying:  This Talk was given by Ayya Vayama


 2002-06-28 Six Months of Bliss: Ajahn Brahmawamso
After spending six months in seclusion during the long rain retreat, spending the whole time in meditation Venerable Ajahn Bramavamso is back. He tries to show you the happiness and serenity of being mindful.

2002-07-12  Freedom: Ajahn Brahmavamso
We talk about freedom, try to restore freedom in countries, individuals. But do we really understand what freedom is. Are you really FREE? As long as you are bound and tied to this wheel of existence by the ropes of clinging and desires, as long as you are enslaved by the six senses  you are not there.

2002 -07-26  Enlightenment and Happiness : Brahm talks of Nibbana and the Supreme happiness of achieving the stillness and the joy of getting in to that state.  The perception that happiness can be found by other means like, wealth, love, harmony and… Brahm exponds Buddh’s saying “Nibbanan Paraman Sukan

2002-10-18  Dead Loss :
Brahm  joins the Australians in the remembrance of devastating calamity of the death of hundreds of Aussies in Bali bombing.

2002-10-25  Origins :
All religions have a theory about the origin of the universe, origin of species. Though Buddhism do not give too much importance to it, there is profound Sutta teachings explaining how we originated. 
2002-11-01  Mindfulness 
A talk delivered at Buddhist Society of Victoria, Melbourne . The benefits of Mindfulness as a part of daily life.

2002-11-01 QA session after the talk: Ajahn Brahm answeres some questions from the Audience, after the talk above.

2002-11-29 Teachers From hell:
Venerable Brahm explained the use of the two modes of meditative practice to overcome the difficulties in life . The calming of the mind giving you the extra time needed to take control of the adversity……..

2002-12-27 Buddha Nature  :-
In Mahayana Sect of Buddhism the term refers to the fact that every one has a praise worthy quality that can be grown to buddhahood or perfectness. Brahm goes on to explain this beautiful theory.


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