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2001-04-06-Anatta.-The concept of Non Self is one of the key teachings of the Blessed one. This concept is the opposite of almost all other religions and doctrines.  The understanding of this concept is paramount in the path to liberation. The complete understanding will release one from all bonds. Brahm explains it so that you can yourself “understand”  it and find release
2001 -04-13 – Letting Go – Brahm expounds on the four ways of Letting Go. Letting Go is important not only in meditation but our day to day life. To be peaceful and happy you need to let go of the burdens of sorrow, grief and attachments. The more you carry the stuff you are dealing with the more you become miserable.

2001 -04-13 – Rebirth :- In the bigger scheme of things you need to know where you came from? or/ and where you will go after you leave this life.  The concept of Re birth is not the same as taught in other religions.

2001 -04-27-The Five Aggregates – The being that is “me” and “I” is a composition of the five aggregates. We create our own world with our five aggregate sensing faculties. An insight in to the science of our operating system is introduced here by Ven Brahmawamso. 

 2001-05-04 – Anger and Forgiveness -It is very easy to get angry. It is the most common affliction the humans got. Ajahn Brahm take you on the path of insight to understand this phenomena and get rid of it or unload most of it

2001 -05-04 – Anger and Forgiveness –  The displeasure or unhappiness due to your environment or the associates or the family stems from a simple stupidity that we cling to. We want the word to behave the way we want. When we see and feel it does not comply we get upset, angry. Brahm goes much deeper to show you a way to overcome this.

2001 -05-25 – The Power of Silence We live in a world full of turbulence and the sounds and noises that creates this unsettling mind state are not limited to the “sounds” received by ears but the other four faculties as well. Brahm explain the benefits of being silent both internally and externally.

2001 -06-01-Contentment.- Our lives get confused due to our inability to be happy with what you got.The person who is happy is really the one who is content with the life he got. The art of balancing your work and life.

2001 -06-08 –Dealing with Conflicts  and  ArgumentsDealing with Conflicts One of the most important skills you can learn and develop is how to deal successfully with conflict. Successful individuals seem to have an inherent understanding of what causes conflicts and how to resolve them quickly. For others, however, it’s much harder. Listen and learn from this talk by Brahm given ten years before.

2001 -06-22 – Why Buddhism is Growing – In this time most established religions are faced with the issue of non belief. Most churches are empty on sundays. The young and the educated shun religion as irrevelent. In a time like this Buddhist doctrine is found to be spreading fast in the west. Brahm explains why?

2001 -06-29 – What to do with suffering – Is suffering solely due to the external factors. Can we free of it by removing these external factors or by changing our enviornment?

2001 -07-06 –Renunciation.- In all traditions those who seek spiritual development had given up their mundane comforts to seek the better rewards of spiritual life. A sense of simplicity and sense of non attachment leads you to happiness and joy.

2001 -07-13 -A Talk on Rebirth including Questions and answers – An explanation on to a vital aspect of Buddhas teaching which is questioned by many. An invitation to enter the area of mind to explore your own past lives.

2001-07-20- What is Love (Recording from BFS) : Brahm goes  on to answers this difficult question with the Buddhist wisdom and draws the lines between romantic love and Love.  The feeling that some one make you feel , and is this feeling  Love ?  

2001 -07-27 – Reflections on Spirituality -(FILE LOST If somebody has this clip previously downloaded from this site can you please send a copy to <rdalu@hotmail.com> to upload again ) 

2001-10-05-Buddhist Approach to World Conflicts :Ajahn Brahm discusses the aspect of conflict not only politically and geographically, but take you on a path to show you the conflicts within your own circle and within yourself. Please  note this talk was given a decade ago and reproduced here as it still  very relevant.

2001-05-25-The Power Of Silence – We are so much used to the noise and buzzle of the world we have forgotten the beauty of Silence. Only by developing a silent mind one can attain the peace and tranquility in life. That is the very basis for one to go beyond the worries and troubles of our lives.

2001-07-13-Rebirth? Re-incarnation? Coming back?    Like a circle in a Circle, like a wheel within a wheel, Never ending or begining ..… Venerable Brahm explains the concept of  rebirth with scientific proof from the time of Dr Ian Stevenson’s research  to current times.  

2001 -10-12 – Humility –  Being arrogant and proud and keeping above all leads to many conflicts and problems. Buddha taught us not to measure ourselves or others as Same better or worse. So what is it? How can you be humble with buddhist humility.

2001 -10-19 – Buddhism and Science.- There are many buddhists compare Science with Buddhism. Many try to elevate Buddhas teaching to the level of Science, which is not wise because Buddha understood all Sciences 2500 years before any scientist.

2001 -11-02 – Mindfulness in Daily life – How do we use Buddhist practice of mindfulness in our daily life and use it for living a fuller and a richer life.

2001 -11-09 – Pseudo Buddhism.- Pseudo means False. What does it mean False Buddhism. You can write a Book on Buddhism with what knowledge you have or from what you picked from others or books. It is not based on your experience. Brahm explains why we are flooded with false dogmas and beliefs and the harm it causes.

2001 -11-30 – Trickery of Perception – Brahm talk about certain key aspects of the teaching that brings you a deeper understanding of life, happiness and how you can benefit by applying the Buddhas instructions to alter your perceptions.

2001 -12-07 – Mindfulness of the body :-  The traditional practice of mindfulness on the body as taught is Sathipattana Sutta to develop wisdom and get you the stillness of mind you require as a stepping stone to Jhanas

2001 -12-14 – Family Relationships and Attachments- Talk by Ven Ayya Vayama :-  Ayya Vayama talk about Family relationships, for you to understand the perils of attachment and the wisdom of doing once duty with understanding of human nature . 


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